What's this Passion Flower All About?

A passion flower. flower with many health benefits

A passion flower, flower with many health benefits


Early on, examinations of the passionflower extract proved to be useful in treating diabetes, upset stomach, cough, symptoms of menopause, and even anxiety. But that's not all you need to know about the extract.

 The term “passion flower” came into existence when it was first discovered in Peru by a few Spanish men on an expedition. Parts of the flowers reminded them of the crucifixion, Christ, and his passion for life.

They all agreed it was a divine symbol of His approval. Mind you, there are over 400 varieties of the genus Passiflora. Today, there are tons of passion flower uses and reasons to consume the symbolic species.


 When we don't get enough sleep, you'd be surprised what organs suffer because of it. The body repairs itself while it's at rest, so when you're sleep-deprived, the body can't heal properly. To help you fall asleep and stay that way, the Good Mood Co recommends you use the Good Night Recovery Pack. Take at least an hour before calling it a night.

 In addition, if you suffer from heart failure, inflammation, gastrointestinal diseases, anxiety, adjustment, and mood disorders, add passionflower extract to your daily routine as a dietary supplement. The extract raises gamma-aminobutyric acid levels in your brain, so some experts recommend it for sleep disorders.


 It may be beneficial to know several trials were completed and they found improvements in the sleep quality of the participants. It only took a week to confirm the theory that passionflower extract induces sleep. When combined with other calming remedies or 100% natural ingredients such as lemon balm, you end up with a mixture that's close to oxazepam, a prescription-strength medicine.

Another study shows patients suffering from anxiety had reduced levels of irritability and insomnia. The results were not surprising, but they returned favorably.  

 A combination of passionflower and clonidine had effects much greater than if each nutrient was prepared alone. This is especially true if the patient was experiencing withdrawal symptoms of substance use. Furthermore, clonidine help to lower high blood pressure. Passion flower capsules when taken daily, works wonders in people who have asthma and seizures.

Passionflower extract is a tremendous help to anyone not wanting to take harmful drugs with addicting side effects. Professionals suggest taking at least 75 mg of passionflower for sleep and to ease anxiety. I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of passion flower and all its benefits.

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