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Start your day with our powerful detox agent that boosts your gut health, energy and immunity, naturally.

Every capsule acts as a prebiotic and probiotic, restoring the flora in your gut: your body’s second brain. This natural collagen booster gives your skin and hair a fresh glow in the morning.

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Get productive with our mind enhancing formulation, targeting your focus, memory and alertness.

It helps perform better at work and in your daily activities by
strengthening brain function and boosting neurotransmitters (including serotonin, dopamine and GABA).

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A great way to unwind after a long, stressful day. Destress your body and mind, boost your mood and relax into deep sleep.

Filled with anti-oxidants and nutrients that normalise the function of your nervous system, our formulation promotes relaxation, mood and quality sleep.

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Discover The Benefits

More Energy
Supports gut health — fighting fatigue, and leaving you feeling fresh and energised.
Sharper Focus
Improves mental performance—enhancing concentration, clarity, memory and learning.
Deeper sleep
Enhances quality sleep, promoting more rest and preparing you for next day.
Better Mood
Promotes positivity- supporting your relaxation and managing stress and anxiety.
Full-body wellbeing
Our all-encompassing approach helps you maintain a healthy mind and body.
More benefits of our all-encompassing approach?
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Let's Get You Started On That Good Mood

Mood, Energy & Focus - Starter Pack - The Good Mood Co - Natural Supplement
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Reboot with our 36 plant-powered, natural ingredients.

Each package contains:

  1. Good Morning (1 Dose)
    All About The Gut:
    powerful energiser, it improves immunity and provides a full body detox, it also acts as a prebiotic, probiotic, natural collagen booster and anti-inflammatory. 

  2. Brain Bottoms-Up (1 Dose)
    All About The Brain:
    centred around brain recovery and performance by working on mental functions like memory, mood and focus.

  3. Good Night (1 Dose)
    All About Sleep:
    promotes quality sleep, overall relaxation and stress reduction, it is filled with anti-oxidants and nutrients that normalise the function of the nervous system.

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Feeling Good
is NOT an extra.

We are serious about tackling human exhaustion through improving gut health, brain health and sleep.
Our solution is both physical recovery packs paired with our AI-powered mobile app that personalises your nutrition and natural health regimen.
Browse the power of our plant-based ingredients, approach and research.

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Brilliant Product

Brilliant product, really well designed packaging, clear details and felt great after taking it for a few days.

Sgt James Taylor

Great Britian


Im in Love

This is my second review as i am incredibly happy with the good mood supplements! They are by far the best supplements iv ever taken. My mood is great, im sleeping like a baby, full of energy. Just generally happy. I LOVE IT!

Hussain Khalil

California, USA


Skeptic turned fan

I was initially very skeptical but I must say something about this made me feel good. This is more than just a back of goodness, it's an ecosystem of positive behaviours that generally help you feel better without imposing additional routines or restrictions.

Sami S



Flawless service

Flawless service. Good quality and Product is excellent, exactly what I expect from them. Overall so good. Very helpful and friendly service. Would recommend this to anyone.

Hattie Setters



Absolutely love the Good Mood Co and…

Absolutely love the Good Mood Co and can’t recommend it enough! After struggling with sleep issues for years and trying everything, the Good Mood Co seems to have done the trick! My sleep has never been better. Highly recommend this product!

Ashley Eisenberg

Great Britain

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