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Green tea leaves, source of the healthy green tea extract, representing the powerful and natural benefits of this beverage.
Hey, think fast! Do you remember that game we used to play and you had to be really fast to catch the ball or whatever was thrown at you? Well, if you're like me, that was half a century ago...
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Image depicting the konjac plant, the source of the dietary fiber glucomannan.
 What comes from the konjac plant and is beneficial as a traditional medicine? The answer is a dietary fiber called glucomannan. Asians have been using konjac root for weight loss for many years and to treat skin problems, coughs, asthma...
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A passion flower. flower with many health benefits
  Early on, examinations of the passionflower extract proved to be useful in treating diabetes, upset stomach, cough, symptoms of menopause, and even anxiety. But that's not all you need to know about the extract.  The term “passion flower” came...
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