Konjac Root for Weight Loss and Gut Health

Image depicting the konjac plant, the source of the dietary fiber glucomannan.

 What comes from the konjac plant and is beneficial as a traditional medicine? The answer is a dietary fiber called glucomannan. Asians have been using konjac root for weight loss for many years and to treat skin problems, coughs, asthma and burns.

 It seems konjac glucomannan has plenty of disease-fighting antioxidants in it as well. That's good to know because the body needs a strong immune system to ward of sickness and diseases. Just the same, there are other researched-based benefits you should know about.


Konjac root aids the body by supplying specific minerals and vitamins to give it the inner strength it needs to promote a healthy heart and soothe PMS symptoms. And as a bonus for women, konjac decreases breast pain caused by fibroid tissue or menstrual cycles.


Konjac also helps to prevent painful hemorrhoids and diverticular disease, too. If you've ever had hemorrhoids, you'd do anything not to have another. Still, there are more gutsy advantages to konjac glucomannan.



Because glucomannan is soluble fiber, doctors encourage patients with a troubled digestive system to consume it each day. Fiber is helpful in preventing the strain of constipation. It regulates bowel movements so you can have a healthier colon and intestinal system.


While we are what we eat, prebiotics stimulates the development of bacteria in the digestive system. The bacteria, whether it's good or bad, can impact our moods and behaviors. Besides aiding people with diabetes and conditions like IBS, this is another good reason to take the Good Mood packs.


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The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of an analysis involving 14 case studies. The study proved that diabetics felt better when using konjac root powder.

Their good moods had a lot to do with how the stomach processes waste. Sugar absorption is slower, therefore lowering blood sugar levels and the chance of blood sugar spiking after meals.

It also showed that konjac glucomannan affects triglycerides, LDL cholesterol levels, blood pressure and a person's weight. Those points are highly important if you're a diabetic.



Like many of us, the konjac plant or the Amorphophallus konjac prefers to live in tropical climates. You can expect to see konjac in places like China, Indonesia and East Asia. Glucomannan powder comes from the edible part of the plant's root. You'll recognize it by its gawky oval shape. If you're going to eat it, dry the root first and then grind the root into konjac powder or flour.

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