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Close-up image of ripe grapes, illustrating the natural source of grape seed extract and its many health benefits.
  According to Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, there's exciting news when it comes to grape seed oil benefits. When taken daily, it limits damage to your tone skin, and internally, it helps the flow of blood vessels and slows...
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A close-up image of chamomile flowers.
Almost everyone knows chamomile is essential as a sleep aid. Chamomile is nutrient-rich and has calming effects that tame the restless creatures within us. The antioxidants tie to the brain receptors and make it easier to fall asleep. For those...
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Visual showcasing the benefits of naturally elevated human growth hormone (HGH) levels, including muscle recovery, metabolic regulation, and heart and kidney protection.
Arginine hydrochloride is an essential amino acid in young adults. It’s called the hydrochloride salt of arginine. Arginine is a complex amino acid that is mostly present in proteins and enzymes at active sites because of its side chain that...
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