Enjoy the Health Benefits of Grape Seed

Close-up image of ripe grapes, illustrating the natural source of grape seed extract and its many health benefits.
Close-up image of ripe grapes, illustrating the natural source of grape seed extract and its many health benefits.


According to Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, there's exciting news when it comes to grape seed oil benefits. When taken daily, it limits damage to your tone skin, and internally, it helps the flow of blood vessels and slows cognitive deterioration along with the signs of Alzheimer’s disease. What's more, experts at the Good Mood Co recommend taking the all-natural nutrient to slow aging, preserve collagen, and elastin so you'll look and feel younger, longer.

 Brains Bottom-up Recovery Pack is engineered to stimulate cognitive function, so you're able to focus, grasp information easier, and maintain a mood that's easy going and cheerful all day long. 

 Although grape seed extract became increasingly popular in the '70s, the elders in early Greece used the nutrient-rich leaves, grapes, and sap for medicinal purposes. Now, we use grape seed oil benefits for skin care, to solve nutrient deficiencies, heal wounds, decrease inflammation, swelling, and improve blood circulation. There has also been evidence of the supplement lowering blood pressure systolic levels and heart rate.

 As you know, too much sun wreaks havoc on the skin, and it amplifies a number of other health conditions. Luckily, the ingredient, grape seed extract, is in the Brains Bottom-up Recovery Pack so you don’t worry about buying yet another supplement to get the recommended dosage. This is good news for women but wait, there's more.

 Not many people are aware of the protective relationship between grape seed extract and cancer. The grape seed extract or rather the skin from the grape seed contains  powerful antioxidants and a compound called oligomeric proanthocyanidin or OPC. The OPC changes estrogen levels to help prevent breast cancer and reduce the development of sun-related skin tumors.



 If you only use grape seed oil for wrinkles, that’s fine, but look at all the added advantages you get from the powerful formulation of The Good Mood Co’s Recovery Pack.

  Grape seed extract has dieters jumping for joy. The active ingredients in the extract inhibit fat from within the body and incite vitamin C already fortifying the body. The flavonoids in grape seed packs a punch. It supports the immune system so the odds are better at fighting viral and bacterial pathogens while lowering cholesterol levels and balancing the LDL and HDL levels. So, you see grapes have a lot of ridiculous perks outside of making wine.


 Grape seeds are infused with proteins, fibers, oil, phenols, and flavonoids. Most of us don't realize that the best grape seed extract supplement is in the Brain Bottoms-up formula. The Good Mood Co made this supplement especially formulated to reduce oxidative stress which could cause cellular damage. Use the recommended daily levels to improve memory and mood.


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