What is L-Theanine Used For?

L-Theanine that can be consumed for a healthy brain


L-theanine is a calming supplement and amino acid. It helps insomniacs to unwind so they can sleep. Little did we know, we’ve been drinking a blend of this therapeutic beverage for centuries. While people with insomnia use L-theanine for sleep aids, it also helps to maintain focus. In situations where memory or vivid recall is of the essence, L-theanine is useful.

 To no one’s surprise, the nation drinks a variety of teas each day, almost as much as they drink water. The green and black teas are essential to have full concentration, advanced cognitive performance, mental health, and certain bodily conditions. Researchers found that by using L-theanine in the study, it softens anxiety levels and improved their overall symptoms.

 You may also use L-theanine to help prevent some forms of cancer and protect the immune system.


You only need around 100 mg of L-theanine to improve mental function and sharpness, especially when used in combination with caffeine. Are you aware that because L-theanine affects specific chemicals in the brain, it affects your attitude and how you handle stress?

Some of us need to use theanine daily for easy digestion, to regulate mood and to lower stress. For daytime use, to focus, stay alert and elevated, L-theanine is added to guarana in the Brain Bottoms-Up after breakfast capsule. Your heart will thank you.

 You’ll be happy to know that one study finds that by taking ample portions of L-theanine will increase the “alpha frequency band” so you can rest without feeling drowsy and snooze soundly with a subdued heart rate.


Get a good dose of amino acids and antioxidants without buying them separately. Everything you need for bedtime relation is in the exceptional purity of the Good Night Recovery Pack as well as Brain Bottoms-Up Recovery Pack.

 You must relax before you can fall asleep, I mean, that’s a no-brainier. Since you’re taking L-theanine to sleep better, you shouldn’t take it until you’re ready to call it a night. Studies confirm consumers will have a deeper slumber while taking the supplement in our Recovery Pack. Because it’s engineered with 8 other active ingredients that serve the same purpose, you don’t have to worry about when, how and how much L-theanine you need to take.


We’ve discussed how the Brain Bottoms-Up is good for brain function and Good Night formula is good for sleep and relaxation, but that does not mean that you cannot pair the capsules with a cup of green tea! A steamy cup can ease anxiety and put a quick temper at ease. Furthermore, it’s easy-to-digest and beneficial to the intestinal tract. It’s a good combination to reduce inflammation in the guts so you feel better overall.

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