Fennel Seed for your Good Morning

Image depicting fennel seeds, an ally for a longer and healthier life..

With current conditions as they are, having a healthy immune system is vital to sustaining life. It only makes sense we concern ourselves with fighting off diseases especially right now.

Researchers are desperately trying to find a cure or vaccine amid a pandemic. Until they do, we all need to protect ourselves and improve our chances of survival.


Fennel seed extract is one way to improve our immune health, but the key is to consume the proper amounts. You should know if you're already taking the Good Morning Recovery Pack, you are getting 240 mg of wellness. Fennel Seed is combined with 13 other ingredients, including a fresh supply of vitamin C, a potent vitamin good for immune health, tissue repair, and collagen synthesis.




Fennel is a medicinal herb with plenty of gusto. You will recognize the plant by its yellow blossoms, feather-like green and white leaves. The taste is also familiar. If you have tried black licorice before, you may like fennel seeds. One word of caution. 

However; the flavor is powerful, but you can eat the plant as a palatable legume. Alternatively, use it to spice up Ayurvedic dishes or use it as a flavoring in gin and other liqueurs.


One study done in 2008 proved that fennel contains hormone-like compounds that act like estrogen. More so because it's gentle, fennel is great for digestion and safe for infants and small children to consume. Nursing moms have used the extract to stimulate milk in humans and goats for many decades.




Well, as a new parent, one of the worst nights you'll have is with a colicky baby. Colic makes a baby cranky and they cry for hours on end. There are times when you can't do anything to comfort the baby. No one has been able to find out exactly what causes colic or how to put it to bed. Yet, we know fennel will quieten a baby's cries so it would be to your benefit to learn how to use fennel seeds. 


The antioxidants reduce oxidative stress by fighting free radicals. Free radicals can harm the cells that lead to sickness and signs of aging. It will also ease some chronic diseases like atherosclerosis and provide anti-inflammatory, antioxidant help.




Manganese is not a popular mineral, but it's quintessential to bone development, healing injuries, metabolism, blood sugar, and cellular protection. When taken as part of a diet plan, it makes it more manageable to turn away from the table.


Make sure you're not suffering from a vitamin, fiber, calcium, potassium, or magnesium deficiencies. Manganese is naturally in most foods and water. These minerals are important to your metabolic rate, bone health, protection from free radicals and your heart.


They also reduce blood pressure so you can relax. Lower the risk of having a stroke by consuming fennel seed extract. If you know someone in danger of having a stroke, has cancer, or a chronic illness, you should talk to them about fennel seed benefits. Numerous compounds are protecting the body from free radicals like limonene because of it.


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