All About That Lemon Balm

Close-up view of vibrant lemon balm leaves, showcasing the fresh and aromatic nature of this healing herb.


 If you like the scent of lemon you're going to love the herb lemon balm comes from. Although Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) smells like fresh lemons, you'll never forget the distinct aroma of this healing plant. It's grown practically anywhere in the world now, but the plant originates out of West Asia and places in North Africa and Europe.

 The natives used the lemon balm plant to improve cognitive function and to turn a frown upside down. People swear by the lemon balm and its healing qualities to change an individual's attitude or mood into a cheerful one. However, there are more benefits to this delightful plant.




Are you looking for stress relief? Who isn't these days? Try using the lemon balm to calm your inner beast and to help relaxed. The smell of lemons is enough to make someone smile and to help change their mood for the better.


If you don't want to slice lemons every day, take the extract. It's in the Good Night Recovery Pack along with other effective plant extract and amino acids. A lemon balm dosage of 50 mg is enough to reduce levels of stress but increase feelings of happiness and calmness.

Some people experience high anxiety or excitability and take lemon balm for depression. This is why men and women agreed to a study in 2004. The participants reported changes to their contradictory moods, nervous feelings, and behavior while taking lemon balm.


Several years later researchers conducted a lab study to review the effects of beverages and foods with lemon balm in them. Participants experiencing mood swings confirmed the supplement was effective and reduced anxiety and moodiness.

 When it comes to cognitive function, lemon balm improves mathematic skills, concentration, and memory. The same 2014 study acknowledged that the participants performed higher than the members who didn't consume the lemon balm.

 There are many people in this world who can't fall asleep when they want to, although they are sleep deprived. These people have many unsettling nights and for some, things can get pretty serious, especially without treatment. Many turn to lemon balm as a natural nutrient to address that.

 Moms are happy to know that valerian with a concentrated dose of dried lemon is safe for kids. This formula is also terrific for menstrual cramps. Not only will it help reduce cramping, but the biggest pro is the parents’ approval of it. They validate the kids’ findings.


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