Add Cranberry for a Good Morning

A close-up of vibrant, ripe cranberries, highlighting the natural beauty of this healthy fruit.
A close-up of vibrant, ripe cranberries, highlighting the natural beauty of this healthy fruit.

Cranberries have a plethora of wellness benefits with antioxidants being its main medicinal feature. The cranberry plant comes from North America, and the natives started using it millennia ago for its health benefits, including preventing painful urinary tract infections.


If you have ever had a UTI, you likely bow to the shrub in recognition of its tremendous healing powers. However, anyone can consume cranberries benefits through sauces and juices. Still, some people prefer to get the benefits of dried cranberries through a supplement, powder, or extract where it's most powerful.


When it comes to the health benefits of cranberries, you get protection from free radicals, which can be responsible for heart damage, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. People buy cranberries because they are the best fruit to eat. Interestingly enough, they are better than vitamin E at tackling free radicals.




When researchers say you can manage chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease with a cranberry tree, it's worth looking into the evidence. Not only those illnesses, but some patients pour in the cranberries to improve lung function, chronic fatigue, and even some forms of cancer.


Medical experts suggest you can better heart health by topping off your breakfast with cranberry juice. With prolonged use, you increase your HDL cholesterol, that's the 'good' one, and lower cholesterol oxidation and inflammation. People with diabetes also can take advantage of cranberries juice by either drinking 8 ounces or taking the cranberry pill.


If you take the Good Morning pack, you're already getting a daily dosage of pure cranberry or cranberry juice detox. This blend is formulated specifically for the needs of active individuals, people over 50, and young adults.


The premium nutrients in cranberry work on minimizing stiffness and inflammation in blood vessels, dropping high blood pressure, reducing blood sugar levels.




Because cranberries contain more antioxidants than typical fruits, it will only take weeks, not months, to show a significant change and reduction of oxidative stress. Consumers also get a fair share of vitamin C, E, and K1.


Vitamin K1 is great for boosting blood flow and preventing blood clots. Take vitamin C for healthy bones, muscles, and cranberry extract for skin. Typically, we don't get hyped about manganese, but it's essential, too. The body's metabolism depends on it.


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