The Truth Behind Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6


The vitamin B family is used to treat and maintain the nervous system, nerve compression injuries, and support a calm mood and adrenal. It also helps to break down proteins, carbs, and fat in the body that’s necessary for a healthy metabolism.

Vitamin B6 has another name that’s difficult to pronounce if you’ve never heard of it before. Pyridoxine is the scientific name for the water-soluble nutrient, B6. Why is that important, and what is vitamin B6 used for?

The B6 vitamin benefits the immune system and brain development in infants and lessens nausea during pregnancy. Women have been taking it for years to calm morning sickness.

In fact, the vitamin applies to several roles that support a healthy baby and mother. It helps to produce red blood cells and skin cells for that healthy glow. More health benefits of B6 include help for the digestive system, prevent kidney stones, slow the onset of asthma attacks, arthritis, and atherosclerosis. Still, there’s more!


Many studies show that consuming an adequate amount of the vitamin B6 supplement is important for optimal emotional health and may even prevent and treat some chronic diseases. Although it may not cure these conditions or illnesses, it could improve an individual’s well-being. You should also be aware there are particular benefits of B6 for men, especially older men.


Research has shown that elderly patients with increased vitamin B6 levels report improved memory when taken regularly.


Almost everyone can agree that PMS symptoms are less than desirable. Women who use the Good Night Recovery Pack can expect changes each month. This vitamin treats depression, anxiety, and irritability.


Inflammation causes low levels of B6. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you may have low B6 vitamin levels. As the condition worsens, it naturally decreases the vitamins in your body.



Your body can’t make or store the vitamin, but you can find pyridoxine in food. Because of this, it’s easy to get the daily vitamin B6 dosage just by eating the right foods. If you like eating fish, potatoes, fortified cereals, fruit (non-citrus), beef, chicken, and starchy vegetables, you probably get enough of the vitamin through these sources. Just in case you’re not able to get all these delicious foods on your table, there is still good news.

The Good Mood Co has made it extremely easy for you to get at least 0.75mg of the vitamin every day. It comes conveniently wrapped in the Good Night Recovery Pack. It contains a wide range of essential goodies for your mental and physical health.

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