Rhubarb Root Extract is Everything!

Image depicting the rhubarb plant, the source of the beneficial rhubarb root extract.

Image depicting the rhubarb plant, the source of the beneficial rhubarb root extract.


 By using a rhubarb root extract, the Chinese helped thousands in their communities to overcome toxicity, kidney and liver disease, gut disorders, and more. Research backs those rhubarb benefits and refines their efforts along with modern manufacturers like the Good Mood Co. It's a stimulant laxative that's bitter to taste and sour, too, but it cools while it's working to drain the liver and kidneys of inflammation.


Rhubarb refers to a plant species in the Rheum family with roots in India, China, Turkey, and Iran. Since discovering its purpose, millions use the extract to relieve inflammation, menopausal symptoms, fever, sepsis, and constipation.

 Rhubarb resembles a celery stalk only it has a pale green or pink color and is sour to taste. The stalks are excellent to cook with, however, avoid using the leaves. Since it's been around for over 2000 years, people have discovered plenty of uses for the root.



The root extract is terrific at cleansing the intestines and colon. It keeps you regular, so there's little chance of constipation, which makes rhubarb an excellent choice of holistic relief for the digestive system and gallbladder, especially when recovering from an illness. Ordinarily, you treat constipation with small amounts of the root and by making little changes to your lifestyle.


If you haven't had an appetite lately, it will stimulate your taste buds, so you're excited about eating again. Rhubarb will wash out the impurities in your bloodstream to make sure everything is flowing purely and to the right places without harm.


It's not something anyone wants to talk about, but sometimes pinworms or intestinal worms invade our bodies, and rhubarb root extract is one way to prevent them from happening or to get rid of them. Rhubarb is effective that way and for reducing inflammation. Also, try the root for kidney disease or uremia. It could help the many diabetics who are having problems with inflammation in their kidney tubular cells and help prevent the progression of renal failure


These days you'll be happy to know this root extract can manage several strains of viruses. Rhubarb has antibiotic and antiviral agents to help prevent or calm the onset. So by using the Good Morning Recovery Packs, you'll have 40mg to protect you.


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