Guarana, From Aphrodisiac to Cognitive Enhancer

An image of guarana seeds and fruit, representing the source of guarana and its health benefits.






If you're like most people, you're not sure what guarana is or what is guarana used for. Well, today you're in for an informative treat.

Guarana is a fruit that comes from Brazil and natives have gathered and then dry-roasted the seeds for centuries to improve cognitive skills, dietary problems, increase energy, and focus, among other stimulating purposes. You may hear others refer to guarana as Brazilian cocoa or as Zoom.

 These days, manufacturers are putting guarana in soft drinks as a source of caffeine, but it's also in extracts and syrups. Some natives use the extract as a stimulant for men and women who need a little aphrodisiac. Why not spice things up a little in the bedroom?

 The people who take energy-packed supplements containing guarana find they are not as sluggish and can maintain mental focus longer. Is this good news for people who forget why they entered a room or feel sluggish in the afternoons?

What We Know about Guarana vs Caffeine

We now know that caffeine fights free radicals, and guarana contains many potent antioxidant agents to help provide help for the heart. Research proves guarana alters the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, which contributes to the build-up of plaque that forms in the arteries.

 More so, guarana prevents blood clotting and stimulates blood flow. If you sit for long hours, this would be good for you. Studies show that adults who take the recommended daily levels of guarana could have at least 27% less bad cholesterol that those who don't get guarana regularly, nor do they have the same learning capacity. So with this in mind, how much guarana should you take? The Good Mood Co uses 360 mg in each Bottoms-Up Recovery Pack and that can be all the energy boost that you need for the day.

 Guarana improves memory so adults can learn faster and maintain what they learned. According to experiments, they can concentrate on tasks and even complete them in record time. But when you combine the correct guarana dosage with extracts of Panax ginseng, you get more brain-boosting power.

 You see, Panax ginseng is specially formulated to improve retention and critical thinking skills, slow the signs of Alzheimer's disease, and aid several other conditions. The two dietary supplements are like getting prescription-strength medication but without a doctor's order or bill. 


Summary of Guarana Benefits

 The fact that guarana protects against free radical damage is life-enhancing. The supplement is also known to reduce fatigue, encourage active energy levels, and aid memory, so learning is more relaxed. Guarana is even thought to help manage heart health, lower cancer risk, promote weight loss, provide pain relief, protect against skin damage, and age-related eye diseases. The facts are all research-based.