Acetyl L-Carnitine for Brain Function and Fatigue

Visual representation of the molecular structure of acetyl-l-carnitine, a vital amino acid.

If you're looking for health hacks and nutrients to help you sleep, give you energy, and sharpen your brainpower, you may find that the ingredient acetyl-l-carnitine is what you need.

We suggest using the Good Mood recovery packs as prescribed. The Good Mood Co takes a total holistic approach to maintaining and improving health conditions.


What's in the Brain Bottoms-up capsules can boost acetylcholine and make you feel more energetic. Some vegans find they don't get enough acetyl-l-carnitine so it's essential they find alternative methods of consuming this particular amino acid. Therefore, they choose Nootripics with immunity boosters like acetyl-L-carnitine to balance their levels.


Those with nerve pain know acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR/ALC) is critical for brain or nerve function. It appears anyone with neurodegenerative diseases can benefit from using it and the formula in the Bottoms-Up Recovery Pack. We store up to 98% of l-carnitine in our muscles while there are very small amounts in the blood and liver. Still, you can find more acetyl-L-carnitine health benefits.


If you know someone suffering from Alzheimer's, you could be doing them a great favor by introducing them to acetyl-l-carnitine or products containing it like the Brain Buttoms-Up Recover Pack. The recipe calls for 50 mg of the nutrient, which is sufficient to make changes in the mind and body.


Acetylcholine is truly is a wonder when it comes to enhancing memory, concentration and cognitive skills. Let's not forget the ingredients in the recovery pack is especially essential to increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain.  



You're lucky if you live long enough to collect your social security benefits. Health care professionals say if you eat the right foods, drink enough fluids, and exercise, you should have good physical and mental health at 80 years old. Seniors older than that are running marathons and teaching yoga classes.


Still, our body parts age with us including our cells. As we mature, our bodies stop making enough acetylcholine. But if  you take the right dosage each day, you can impact the brain and slow or even reverse Alzheimer's. Impressed? You should be! This is a huge revelation and so is the claim that it can significantly improve the mental compacity in anyone but more so with an alcohol addiction. Now, that's news worth telling your neighbors about.


More so, people with diabetes can get relief from nerve pain by taking acetyl-l-carnitine faithfully. It defends the nerves against inflammation and pain.

If you have or know someone who has a spinal cord injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic pain syndrome, turn them on to the Good Mood Recovery Packs. Try it for yourself first if you'd like. You can order a trial run if you'd like, I mean, if you have the energy. 



Certain conditions reduces cell count. It's highly important your muscles receive the oxygen it needs. It could eventually increase your red blood count, but we need acetyl-l-carnitine to carry oxygen throughout the body and to the muscles. Use the nutrient to jumpstart your body. In older adults, it helps to reduce fatigue, sleep and muscle pain tremendously.



Some women don't have regular monthly cycles however, they don't realize it's not okay. In one study with 71 women ALCAR increased sex hormones. And in another case study with over 800 men who took L-carnitine and acetyl-l-carnitine showed improvement with sperm mobility.


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