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The Good Mood Co, in its physical and digital solution, is one (big) step closer to gut empowerment, brain function enhancement as well as sleep quality. Most importantly, we are dedicated to diversity and eco-friendly ethos. We care for our bodies and make sure to care for our environment.

We like to work hard, play hard and The Good Mood Co exists to achieve just that. We are dedicated to health technology, with a focus on natural solutions, digitalising nutraceuticals and bio-hacking.

The intersection between health and technology is how we tackle a serious problem of the modern day human: feeling drained. We live in polluted cities, consume pesticides and lead stressful lifestyles that harm our body’s natural functions. Our generation suffers from poor sleep quality, poor gut health, nutritional deficiency and high stress, negatively affecting how we feel and how we perform. We offer the best solution in the form of plant and herbal supplements to improve gut health, brain health and sleep, the three things that govern how well you work, study and recover from a stressful, high-intensity lifestyle.

We engage the United Kingdom’s leading research and manufacturing facilities and medical professionals, including neurologists, nutritionists and sleepologists, to bring the power of nature and technology to you. We make sure that the solution is easy to adopt and affordable, as it is important that it is accessible to those who could benefit from it.

We provide a multi-dimensional, all-encompassing solution for the modern-day human that’s both physical and digital. We tie in the most recent scientific technologies, taking a GUT + BRAIN + SLEEP approach to wellness. This is what today’s human really needs rather than quick, unreliable fixes.

We are dedicated to solving the modern human’s most common problem of feeling drained by improving the gut health, brain function and sleep quality which all affect a person’s overall attitude and performance. We have created a natural plant based physical solution as well as a digital online solution to both mind and body recovery.

We hope that you enjoy this Good Mood offering as much as we do.

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Why Recover?


Our formulas are based on science. We blend science and nature to bring you the best of both worlds. A formulation is proven to work gently but effectively.


Our formulas are vegetarian, we add no preservatives, no flavorings, no sweeteners, no gluten, no soy, no lactose and we are always cruelty-free.


Regardless of what we enjoy in our day-to-day. we care for our bodies and care for the environment. That is why we make sure that our product is wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, light and compact.

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