Who Said L-Taurine Wasn’t An Essential Amino Acid?

L Taurine and its potential health benefits


L-taurine or taurine is not only an essential amino acid, but it's also valuable as a Nootropic. It’s uses include lowering lower blood pressure, treat hepatitis, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. With the potential to do all this, I'd say taurine is very much essential, wouldn't you?


Taurine purifies the body and helps keep several organs in perfect working order and if you're an adult, you can create taurine naturally. Otherwise, you can obtain taurine from eggs as well as dairy, seafood and meat. Vegan? You can obtain Taurine through natural supplements.


Just 100 mg of l-taurine protects the body from harm, and is used to treat diabetes, cystic fibrosis, alcoholism and enhances brain function. But just so you know, there are more cardiovascular benefits. Check them out.


Taurine is necessary for your cardiovascular system. It's an amino acid that supports other nutrients relevant to heart cells. If you have suffered a heart attack, you may have low levels of taurine.


Researchers confirm direct links between lower death rates and high levels of taurine. The link also shows a relationship between cholesterol numbers and lowered blood pressure.



Taurine reduces cholesterol numbers by enhancing the gallbladder function. How? The antioxidant wipes out high cholesterol and liver levels through digestive fluids.



Since taurine acts as a powerful antioxidant, free radicals don't stand a chance. Taurine helps to block attacks on cells in your body. Besides, it puts a stop to damages caused by cancer, diseases of the eye and side effects of diabetes.


You can even find taurine sources in energy drinks and some foods. Health care experts recommend vegans find a source for this antioxidant so they don't suffer from a taurine deficiency. The Good Mood Co supplies essential minerals and vitamins in each of its recovery packs.


To recap, studies show that the correct taurine dosage helps to regulate blood pressure levels by reducing nerve impulses, reduces high cholesterol numbers by increasing blood flow to the body. Through The Good Mood Co Recovery Pack, you can have a wholistic approach to your health specifically for your gut health, sleep and mental fitness. Now is a good time to make healthier life decisions.

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