What are Ashwagandha Root Benefits?

A close-up of the Ashwagandha extract, known for its numerous health benefits including stress reduction and immune system support.


What is ashwagandha? Ashwagandha has tremendous medicinal benefits, including immune-boosting effects. You may have heard of this plant before, but perhaps not not by this name.

 You may recognize the Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry, winter cherry, or Withania somnifera plant. They are all common names we know that promote healthy living and wellness. 


Natives in India and Africa have used this herb for a few thousand years or more to improve a range of health conditions. Mainly, users consume ashwagandha to get a lift or boost of energy, improve focus, and relieve tension.

If you suffer from high cholesterol, you'll be happy to know ashwagandha can help lower cortisol levels. High cortisol numbers could mean high blood sugar and excessive fat storage. Researchers are looking into the unique benefits of ashwagandha in regard to improving a patient's health beyond traditional medication.

  We know ashwagandha calms, reduces stress levels, and anxiety, but did you know studies confirm its usage for the following:


·       Promoting a healthy immune system

·       Driving positive mindset, focus, and mood

·       Giving athletes bursts of energy, endurance, and strength

·       Improving Sexual health and increases blood flow

·       Acting as an aphrodisiac or stimulant


Yes, it seems ashwagandha root extract is highly relevant to the healthy body, but particularly for individuals with diabetes. There are even specific benefits for women!


It's been used as a stimulant, water pill, thermogenic, and astringent. How Ashwagandha controls stress is unbelievable. The dietary supplement normalizes irregularities in the body by reducing cortisol. Studies confirm stress impacts a woman's menstruation cycle. There's no reason why you shouldn't look to ashwagandha for relief.

  Another study finds that ashwagandha fights infections. The invigorating root powder contains antioxidants that provide protection against free radicals. If you're using the Good Mood Recovery Packs, your immune system has well-rounded protection- even while you sleep!


 If you're having flu-like symptoms, try a dose of organic ashwagandha powder. You’ll feel a lot better. Those with respiratory issues should consider trying ashwagandha. Because ashwagandha incites oxygen flow, concentration and cognitive function naturally improve. There is 150 mg in each Good Night capsule, enough to make anyone feel better and get a good night's sleep.


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