That Popular Calcium

An illustration of milk, a source of calcium, representing the importance of calcium for strong bones.



The 1993 ‘Got Milk’ campaign did its job and got the message across. More people are aware of calcium benefits than before. Many of our organs use calcium; we need it for hormonal excretion, healthy tissues, and proper nerve function. However, our bones and teeth collect more of the nutrient than any other organ in our frames.

 Since calcium is the most prevalent mineral in the body, it flows throughout our cells, blood, and muscles. Calcium helps to secrete enzymes and hormones, causes blood vessels to collapse and expand and send signals to the nervous system.

 Still, the portrayal of the ‘Got Milk’ lady who slips and falls and can’t get up is likely suffering from osteoporosis. Unfortunately, thousands of people break or fracture their hips each year, but the thing about osteoporosis is that it’s preventable. 




You can stop osteoporosis by taking certain steps that ensure your bones are dense and strong, but you have to do this while you’re young still. You can’t wait until your golden years and start taking care of your body. 

Because so many of our organs use calcium, we require more of it than other minerals. However, our bones and teeth absorbs more of the nutrient than any other organ.

Having healthy and strong bones start with proper hydration practices. Health care professionals suggest we drink at least 3 glasses of water a day to prevent blood clots and irregular heartbeat. When you can’t drink what’s recommended, we suggest the following:


  • Avoid burning the candle at both ends and get enough sleep, water, exercise and sunshine. All those tips help strengthen your bones.


  • Stock up on fresh fruit and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. This includes getting enough calcium and vitamin D. 


 How Can You Get Calcium in Your Body?

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 The other way to get calcium is through soy foods, salmon, dark green leafy foods and dairy products. Most calcium supplements pair up with vitamin D for more support and solid bones. How much calcium you should take depends on how old you’re getting to be among other factors. Just remember, too much of anything can cause problems. 

 Surprisingly, children, teens typically, need more than adults who are in their roaring twenties. Postmenopausal women make up 80% of the osteoporosis population. Now that’s something to think about, but again, you don’t want to wait until you’re 49 to think about how to prevent osteoporosis or any other disease. 

 FYI, osteoporosis doesn’t discriminate. It strikes all races and genders, however, it doesn’t show up in men until 5-10 years later than it does women. With that said, if you are not eating enough foods with calcium in them, consider a holistic approach and use the Good Mood Recovery Packs. The Good Mood Co packs everything in its capsules so you get a quality night’s sleep and improve your digestive and mental health.

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