Inulin for Gut Health

inulin fiber powder from blue agave plant


Have you ever asked yourself ‘where does inulin fiber come from’? Well, inulin powder comes from the blue agave plant and that's one of the reasons why it’s potent.

 It supports a healthy intestinal system, ridding the body of bad bacteria so your colon works as it’s supposed to.

Almost anyone can use inulin powder but it's especially recommended for individuals on a limited diet. Inulin powder has a sweet taste, so you can consume inulin in food or add it to herbal teas.

In fact, we suggest you do away with sugar substitutes altogether and use pure inulin powder.

 Not only is inulin a sweetener, but a dietary fiber. The prebiotic is commonly found in inulin foods like artichokes, onions, garlic, and whole wheat. As far as using it to control your weight, you're doing the right thing by trying it.

It's been proven to help manage weight loss goals by tricking the body into thinking it’s full. Diabetics see improvements in their cholesterol numbers and are fascinated with how it affects their heart health.


As a form of good bacteria and fiber, inulin is the best.  Almost all of the inulin goes directly to the colon and absorbed by bacteria there. Because inulin is thought to be prebiotic, it excites bifidobacteria (good bacteria). The idea is to saturate the gut with more good bacteria than bad so you reduce inflammation.


Who knew the immune system, and the metabolism was swayed by the digestive system and waste removal habits. Supplements containing inulin help to diminish bad cholesterol, elevate HDL or good cholesterol, and blood sugar in diabetics. More so, The Good Mood Co is super supportive of your wellness regimes. 100 mg is added in The Good Morning Recovery Pack so you don't have to worry about where to buy inulin powder or if the dosage is strong enough to be effective.

 Did you know that not everyone absorbs nutrients the same? Some people have bodily imperfections that restrict specific functions. These individuals may also experience calcium, magnesium, or iron deficiency which influence hormones, muscles, the nervous system, and blood flow. The good news is there is a lot you can do to help your body overcome a difficult circumstance. Give The Good Mood Co formulations a try and let us know if they work well for you.


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