Beet it!

Vibrant beetroot highlighting their health benefits, including enhanced sexual function and improved energy levels.


 Vibrant beetroot highlighting their health benefits, including enhanced sexual function and improved energy levels.

Beetroot extract has so many great qualities; why would you go another day without it? If you lack fiber, iron, potassium, or even oxygen, you may find 600 mg of beetroot extract a useful addition to your diet. You can get that and more goodness in a simple morning routine that includes a Bottoms-up Recovery Pack. This works well for everyday use and for someone who is on the go! Take advantage of that improved digestive health, sexual health and energy boost.


 Did you know that eating a healthy and balanced meal only makes you smarter and more spirited? Well, you and your partner will be more than happy to know that since beetroot helps get the blood flowing, it promotes sexual function, like maintaining erections. Not only is it suitable for men, but for women, too! It could increase her drive for intimacy. So, instead of wine with dinner, why not try a different red drink?

 The truth of the matter is that we need electrolytes and potassium for proper muscle and nerve function. When your potassium levels drop, you can suffer from cramps and they don't feel pleasant. You can also suffer from dizziness and lack energy.

 A study done in 2012 said consuming beet juice will jumpstart plasma nitrate levels and increase physical performance while decreasing oxygen production. Dietary nitrates affect the effectiveness of mitochondria, and they are liable for supplying extra energy.

 Another panel went further with their investigation and found some astonishing news for people with heart failure. It appears that by supplementing beetroot in their diets, they gain muscle power by 13% in as little as two hours after taking the extract. For someone with a heart condition, this is life-changing information.

 Nitrates help stimulate blood to the brain (frontal lobes), and the older we get, the more this becomes crucial to us. We want to stall cognitive deterioration as much as possible and enhance well-being and wellness.

 To add ,researchers tell us that beet juice can lower blood pressure rates, but you must drink at least 8.4 ounces every day to support a healthy lifestyle and decrease systolic and diastolic BP. Are you impressed with the benefits of beetroot yet?

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