About Gentian Root Extract

Gentian is an herb. The root of the plant and, less commonly, the bark are used to make medicine.


We know the European culture and Chinese ancestors for their superior use of gentian root extract to treat health conditions such as gallbladder problems, and digestive issues, among other ailments.


Gentian root tea comes from an herb, yet they make the medicine from the bark or the root of the plant. You may recognize the aroma of the gentian plant and its beautiful yellow, blue, red, or orange blooms.

Sometimes the roots are darker than other times. The color is how you know the taste will be profoundly bitter. Users wait until the fall to slice and dry the gentian root.



 Although the natives describe the gentian root flavor as a bitter tonic, it does great things to your body starting with cleansing your digestive system, so it runs smoothly. Gentian root extract increases secretions, so you’re able to digest fats and proteins that the body doesn’t need, so you are more energetic. However, the Gentian root benefits don’t stop.


Thousands of users who practice Ayurveda medicine report they have more get-up-and-go while using the bitter wildflower and an ambitious appetite when taken before the meal. You can use it in beverages and foods as a secret ingredient.


As a treatment for physical strains, the organic gentian root also prevents muscle spasms, high blood pressure, and sinusitis while killing germs and easing menstrual period pain. The plant stimulates the body, so it soothes mental exhaustion and calms hysteria at the same time. It also manages diarrhea, vomiting, fullness, gastritis, and parasitic worms.



Gentian root extract is packing plenty of iron. For anyone suffering from anemia, this is terrific news! Not only does it give you a boost, but it helps the body to keep it, so you get double the Gentiana lutea benefits.



If you need a source of oxygen, or red blood cells, use the Good Morning Recovery Pack from The Good Mood Co. They add 40mg of the compound to each pouch to help promote blood and oxygen flow to the organs that need it the most. Now you don’t have to order those gigantic gentian root capsules anymore! 



Take the gentian root to support a healthy and bile-free liver. You will have regular trips with this daily dose of extract. Normally, you take the compound before a meal. This way, food digests easier, and it helps to prevent heartburn, constipation, indigestion, or gas.


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