20 Day Recovery Pack
20 Day Recovery Pack Good Morning
20 Day Recovery Pack  Brain Bottom Up
20 Day Recovery Pack Good Night
20 Day Recovery Pack 36 Active Nutrients
20 Day Recovery Pack for Brain Sleep and Gut
20 Day Recovery Pack Healthy Life Cycle
Brain + Gut + Sleep Complete 20 Day Pack - The Good Mood Co - Natural Supplement
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Reboot with our 36 plant-powered, natural ingredients.

Each package contains:

  1. Good Morning (20 Doses)
    All About The Gut:
    powerful energiser, it improves immunity and provides a full body detox, it also acts as a prebiotic, probiotic, natural collagen booster and anti-inflammatory. 

  2. Brain Bottoms-Up (20 Doses)
    All About The Brain:
    centred around brain recovery and performance by working on mental functions like memory, mood and focus.

  3. Good Night (20 Doses)
    All About Sleep:
    promotes quality sleep, overall relaxation and stress reduction, it is filled with anti-oxidants and nutrients that normalise the function of the nervous system.

    Why is the maximum subscription 20 Days a month?
    Our approach is all about empowering the body through our plant extract formulation and we believe that it is important to give our bodies time to recover, align and balance independently for 10 days a month. This also avoids overreliance on supplements as well as ensures the body's continued high absorption of the nutrients.

    What if I have a favourite or need a little more?
    We've got you covered! Simply head to the shop and subscribe to your favourite single 10 Day pouches when you order and you will receive them every month with your pack.


What Do Our Customers Think?

A really great product. I felt more alert and had more energy. Really easy to get your head around with a very simple routine making it easy to remember with a busy life.

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