Transforming Procrastination into Productivity at Home!

Given the events that have taken place in the world, everything has been turned upside down, including the way we work! More and more employees have been working from home, and whilst this adds a new dimension of freedom for employees, it also comes with its own challenges. How tempting is it to just jump into your bed and snuggle under your duvet instead of filling out some mundane Excel table?! Unfortunately, duty calls so here are some tips on how to work effectively from home!

Create a Routine: having consistency will help you to stay disciplined. Completing your work hours in a designated amount of time frees up even more time for Netflix in the evening as well as helping you to stay organised. Also, creating separate office space free from distractions will help to boost productivity.

Take Regular Breaks: researchers have found that the best workers usually work intently for 52 minutes before taking a 17 minute break. The key takeaway from this is that we are human and not robots so taking short, regular breaks allows us to rest whilst upkeeping our productivity, and more importantly our sanity!

Celebrate your Successes: Home comes with great comfort but also many whispers of temptation! So constantly remind yourself of how you were successfully able to complete your tasks in spite of all these distractions. Including a daily practice of self appreciation will help to remind you that you are doing just fine!

Working effectively from home is by no means an easy feat. Comfort and familiarity is often a double edged sword which can affect our work performance. However, with these tips, you'll be well on your way to transforming procrastination into production!


Written by Harin Vinumon

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