Can Doing Less lead to more being Done?

Imagine a world where Thursday became the new Friday? Where the race to get to the weekend would be shorter. Well, this is fast becoming the norm, with a number of companies adopting a 4 day working week. And while this may only seem like a dream scenario for employees, there are a number of benefits that companies can harness from adopting a 4 day working week.

Increase in Productivity Levels: A shorter working week leads to happier employees due to a greater work-life balance. This increases the scope for them to be more motivated and productive, since they are afforded the space to destress more easily. Thus, this decreases the likelihood of employees suffering from mental and physical burnout. Also, in 2019, Microsoft's Japan offices trialled a 4 day working week and saw an astonishing 40% increase in productivity.

Cost Savings: Companies will also have the potential to cutback on a number of costs. These include running costs such as electricity. Given the fact that employees are happier and more motivated, they are less likely to take sick leave; thereby allowing companies to make further savings. According to FMP Global, UK companies who have already adopted 4 day working weeks have reported combined cost savings of up to £92 billion.

Environmental Benefits: less commuting could potentially reduce the UK's carbon footprint by as much as 127 million tonnes. In a time where more active measures need to be taken to protect the environment, adopting a 4 day working week is an effective way to bring about positive change.

The weekend was only invented a century ago; and it's only right that we get with the times and update it. Nevertheless, the proof is in the pudding, which is why we've adopted the 4 day working week for all our Junior staff; and it is fair to say that we have reaped the rewards for it!


Written by Harin Vinumon

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