A Tribute for Trees

Trees are the lungs of our planet, helping us to breathe and live our best lives! However, you would think that something so important and vital to human life would be treated with a lot more care and respect. But this isn't the case, considering that Earth now has 46% fewer trees than it did 12,000 years ago, back when agriculture was in its infancy. Therefore, here are some facts that reinforce how vital trees are to the planet and for the sustenance of life.

Trees can Help to Reduce Stress: stress relief is needed now more so than ever given the frantic nature of our lifestyles! Research suggests that taking a walk in the forests can reduce stress and help us to feel kinder. This can be attributed to the fact that trees release a chemical called phytoncides and when breathed in, they can reduce blood pressure and lower anxiety levels. Maybe it's time we start hanging out with trees more!

Trees Reduce the Effects of Climate Change: A mature tree can absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide a year which shows that they could be a key player in reducing global warming. For example, in Chicago, trees help to remove more than 18 000 tons of pollution every year. Furthermore, a 2011 study estimates that every year, trees in Greater London remove 850 to 2000 tonnes of PM10 pollution particles, which are considered harmful for humans. So not only are trees giving us the means to breathe, but they are also helping to clean up our mess!

Trees are a Vital Habitat for Wildlife: A simple tree is home to a plethora of creatures such as frogs, snakes, ants, spiders etc. Furthermore, it has been estimated that should deforestation continue at its current rate, it will result in the extinction of over 28 000 species in the next 25 years. What's more, many of these species would disappear without even been discovered.

This goes to show how dependant we are on trees. Here at The Good Mood Co, we recognise that we have a duty to protect the environment, which is why all our packaging is sustainable. Nevertheless, we all have a part to play, whether that be through limiting our usage of paper, planting trees of our own or purchasing forest friendly products, action is required right now!


Written by Harin Vinumon

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